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Quality Dental Restorations in Edgewood, MD 

beautiful smiling woman in the parkWhen dental pain, damage, or infection keeps you from living your life, you deserve effective treatment from a team of skilled and compassionate professionals. At Chesapeake Contemporary Dentistry, we’ve helped rejuvenate the smiles of individuals and their families with restorative dentistry since 1979. Dr. Keith E. Moomaw and Dr. Peter H. Roth provide exceptional services that combine quality materials, proven treatments, and advanced technology to restore optimal health and function.

Whether we’re helping repair enamel, or replacing missing teeth, or remove infection, our Edgewood dentists can get back to living your life and smiling with full confidence. Schedule your appointment with us today to get started!


Why is Restorative Dentistry Important?

Smiling young man at dentist's surgeryHealthy, strong, and functional teeth may still need restorative care even when paired with good oral hygiene. This is because teeth endure constant use and pressure from chewing, biting, speaking, and much more. Although a tiny chip or crack in your tooth’s enamel may seem insignificant, small damage can develop into larger concerns over time. Chipped, cracked, or worn teeth that go untreated are more likely to experience future problems, such as pain, infection, or additional damage to their structure.

Repairing damaged teeth helps restore your smile to its proper health and function. With the modern restorative treatments at our practice, we can treat your smile even after trauma or tooth loss.

Available Restoration Services Edn

Our Edgewood team believes that successful and reliable dental care should include comprehensive services, advanced technology, and tried-and-true treatments. At Chesapeake Contemporary Dentistry, Dr. Moomaw and Dr. Roth offer a large range of restorative services designed with your unique needs, goals, and comfort in mind. No matter the extent of your oral health needs, we have the means and know-how to help restore every aspect of your smile.

Our services for smile restoration include:

In addition to providing restoration treatments that use top quality materials, we also offer nitrous oxide sedation made safe and customizable for all ages. Our team understands that the thought of receiving dental care can produce feelings of fear and intimidation, no matter how beneficial the treatment. To find out how dental sedation can be included in your treatment plan, contact us today to discuss your options!

Which Treatment is Best for Me?

Smiling senior woman with new dental implants sitting in the dental office and looking at the mirrorOur restorative dentists understand that every smile is different, with its own set of unique oral health circumstances and treatment needs. This is why, Dr. Moomaw, Dr. Roth, and our dedicated team believe it’s important to work closely with you during every step of your care. Routine appointments allow us to build strong and trusting relationships when discussing your concerns and goals.

During exams, digital and panoramic x rays help us evaluate the health of your teeth, gums, jaws, neck, as well as surrounding facial structures. By combining trust and open communication with advanced technologies, we can better detect, diagnose, and treat issues before they develop into serious complications. This also allows our dentists to recommend the treatments and procedures they feel will benefit your smile and overall health the most.

Helping Restore Your Smile with Invisalign Orthodontics

woman putting on invisalign clear bracesSometimes, preserving the health of your smile includes treatments designed to straighten your teeth and improve the bite. Teeth that are correctly aligned tend to be healthier as they are easier to keep clean. Improving the spaces between teeth with treatments, such as Invisalign, make removing dental plaque, bacteria, and food debris more effective. This can also help reduce your chances of developing gum disease. A healthy, bite, where teeth in the upper and lower jaws meet properly, helps contribute towards proper dental function. This makes daily chewing and speaking much easier.

Invisalign is a clear orthodontics system that uses virtually invisible plastic aligners designed to straighten your teeth gently. Each tray uses pinpointed pressure to align teeth into ideal positioning and are crafted to fit your unique smile for a comfortable fit. Invisalign trays are removable, making your oral hygiene routine and daily eating easy. However, the aligners need to be worn for 22 hours daily for the best results. Because of this, we typically recommend Invisalign to responsible teens and adults only.

Dental Implants & Supported Restorations

Tooth implant disassembled in 3DWhen you are missing teeth, dental implants can provide permanent resolution. Dental implants can completely replace one to all teeth lost in your smile. This is because implants consist of titanium that is accepted by the body and fuses naturally with living tissue and bone. This bonding process is known as osseointegration, and it allows your implants to become a permanent part of your jawbone. Once healing and bonding are complete, our dentists attach your custom restoration, helping renew your oral health, dental function, and confidence once more!

At Chesapeake Contemporary Dentistry, you’ll be happy to know that we provide dental implant placement and restoration right here at our office. This means that every step of your implant treatment can be done under one roof!

Which Tooth Replacement Option is Right for Me?

We provide beautiful restorations to help compete your tooth replacement needs. Each appliance we offer can use natural teeth for support or dental implants. Our restoration options include:

Crowns: We offer lifelike porcelain crowns supported by a single dental implant to replace one missing tooth. One implant post is needed to anchor the crown and complete your smile.

Bridges: Bridges consist of two or more attached crowns. These restorations are ideal for replacing two or more teeth missing in a row. Traditional bridges use natural, neighboring teeth on either side of the gap for support. Implant-supported bridges typically use two implant posts for permanent security.

Dentures: Dentures are removable restorations used to replace multiple to all teeth missing in your smile. Partial dentures consist of multiple artificial teeth made of porcelain to mimic natural enamel. These teeth rest on a pink acrylic base used to mimic natural gum tissue. Partial dentures are a great way to replace many missing teeth and can be secured by implants or metal clasps that attach to surrounding natural teeth for support.

Complete dentures resemble partial appliances but can replace an entire arch of lost teeth. These restorations can be placed in the upper or lower jaws or both. They can be held in place with special adhesives, natural suction, or four to eight dental implants.

Crowns for Versatile Restoration Treatment

In addition to helping support a dental implant, we use crowns for many restorative reasons. Traditional crowns work by encasing the entire structure of a badly damaged or worn tooth. By doing so, these restorations help restore a tooth to its original strength, shape, and size. With crowns Dr. Moomaw and Dr. Roth can:

  • Repair a chipped, cracked, or fractured tooth
  • Improve the shape and shade of a tooth
  • Restore the strength and size of a worn tooth
  • Protect a tooth after root canal therapy
  • Cover a tooth after decay removal

Fillings for Quick & Effortless Tooth Repair

3d render of teeth with dental composite filling over white backgroundWe use dental fillings to help fill in the areas of missing enamel after decay removal. Fillings can also quickly repair minor amounts of damage to the enamel. Our white composite fillings are made from natural-looking resin materials, allowing our team to match the exact shade of your tooth. They can also be used to treat any tooth in the smile, regardless if it’s in the front of your smile or a back molar. We also provide reliable, amalgam material fillings when necessary.

Saving Natural Teeth Whenever Possible with Root Canal Therapy

When the inner nerves, also known as the pulp, becomes infected, we’ll likely recommend a root canal. Root canal therapy is a straightforward procedure designed to alleviate pain and remove diseased tissue. Treatment involves removing the pulp and bacteria from the root canal and thoroughly cleaning, medicating and sealing the tooth. A custom crown is placed over the tooth to persevere its structure and protect it from future harm.

When Would I Need an Extraction?

While we strive to save your natural teeth whenever possible, in some cases, extraction is the best option to help protect your oral health. Severely decayed, damaged, or impacted wisdom teeth often need to be removed to keep your smile healthy. Our dentists perform gentle and precise tooth extractions to help preserve your smile.

Restore Your Smile to Its Best Healthy Today!

Helping you and your family achieve healthy and beautiful smiles that last is our top priority. At Chesapeake Contemporary Dentistry, our team proudly serves the Edgewood, White Marsh, Bel AirFallston, Perry Hall Joppa, and Abingdon communities with exceptional restorative dentistry. If you or a loved one need restorative treatment, call our office today!


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